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100% funded university fees to study in the UK

Your First Steps

  1. Contact SEE and tell us about your University objectives

  2. Choose your university

  3. Complete the registration form

  4. Take your IELTS exam

  5. Off you go! The University awaits you!

Fast Facts


Prestigious UK University Cities: London, Oxford, Cambridge, Colchester, Birmingham…

Large number of courses inTop UK Universities:


  • IELTS exam (Do you need help preparing for IELTS? CLICK HERE)

  • High School certificate


  • University dormitories

  • Flat share


Over 90% of our students find a part-time job and we thoroughly recommend it if you are motivated! It will help you both economical and socially. Your University will have job centres for advice.


Food and housing are your basic expenses. Your course and materials are provided by the university. Extra outgoings and free time must be taken into consideration.


Your English: Expect to return home speaking fluently. Integration in to a foreign country really is the best way to learn a language.

Your Education: You will invest three years into not only completing a course but working professionally in a different country. Your education will vastly improve.

Your future: What´s next? Keep traveling with your new friends, start working in Portugal, work in a different country, follow your dream job… You will take the necessary steps to obtain a strong and internationally recognised education, and you will then have all the tools to achieve success.


Quality you can trust: SEE Learning Center is an internationally known and accredited company.

Fees: Our fee covers all documentation, briefings and processes.

Extras: SEE is happy to help with finding housing, communicating with the university and making contact with other SEE students.

Why study with us?

  • Choose from the top English universities with a large number of courses to tailor your needs.

  • The courses are 100% funded by the English government. This is a unique opportunity!

  • Your achievement will be internationally recognized and your experience transferable.

  • You have the opportunity to have a degree from a top English university and 3 years of professional experience.

  • You will be able to look for real job and earning a real wage. This will greatly help your integration, language and experience, as well as providing financial benefits.

  • You will have a unique qualification, three years at a prestigious university and a solid place in the job market

  • You not only have the chance to learn English to a fluent level but also to meet with many different cultures and people, all drawn to the top universities

  • You will really leave a different person, more mature, accomplished and self-sufficient

FAQ: All your questions answered

My IELTS exam?

You can apply to travel with us before you take your IELTS exam. It is important, however, to take the exam as soon as you can and establish a good grade for your travel to England. SEE Learning Center offers IELTS Preparation Courses (LINK to SEE Learning Center Exam preparation).

My courses?

If you are over 18 and have completed 12th grade, there are a large amount of courses you can apply for. We recommend applying for a course that you will enjoy and identify with as this will assist your English learning and make your time very enjoyable. For those under 18 who have not completed 12th grade, we offer a Foundation degree or Access Course.

My conditional or unconditional letter?

A conditional letter is an invitation to study at the university providing certain grade requirements are met. An unconditional letter is a guarantee into the university of your choice.


In order to study in a UK University you will need:

  • High school grade certificate or high school grades from the previous year, if you are applying before you complete high school

  • IELTS exam score (your chosen university may request a particular score)

  • Recommendation letter written by a teacher who has taught you for at least one year; as the final version must be in English, SEE Learning Center is happy to translate it for you, if necessary. (LINK TO TRANSLATIONS IN SEE LEARNING CENTER)

  • Valid passport

  • Personal statement in English.

  • To start your application process 6 to 12 months before you complete high school

My existing studies?

If you are currently studying in Portugal, we advise you not to cancel this course until you have received confirmation of your application outcome. If you wanted to continue your chosen course in England in a transfer from Portugal, there are two options available for you. Either the university will find an equivalent course to transfer onto or you will start from year one in England. Please, bear in mind that if this is the case, you may not be subsidised by the English government for the entirety of your course, one year is deducted for each year completed in your home country .

Making my stay comfortable?

We can help you finding housing through estate agents in England, contact with the universities and with previous students. Universities will offer dormitories in your first year and can assist you in finding a house the following year.

We recommend that, if possible, you arrive in England up to two months before the beginning of the course. This will help you immensely in finding a job, settling yourself, and finding the nearest shop for bread! The universities will offer free internet and computer use, as well as numerous public internet cafes. Staying in touch with your family is fantastic, but allow yourself time to settle and explore your new surroundings as well.

Work vs Life?

The work aspect of the course is as important as the study. Leaving university with three years professional experience will help you towards success. Some students take longer than others to find a job but we highly recommend looking for work early. It will then be easier to fit work into your study schedule.

Culture shock?

Remember that you are not the only one! You are living your dream, be brave and welcome the culture shock. There will be lots of other students in a similar situation. SEE will provide you with contact details of students already studying at your university, but it is very important to follow your own interests and form brilliant new friendships.


 ‘’I have just completed my course at London Met, and it was wonderful. See Learning Center helped me so much to get started, and then I was off! Having students doing a similar thing really helped, and I had no problems finding a house and work. I am so glad that I took this opportunity, it has changed my life!’’

Maria Harcourt