SEE Learning Center

Success Stories

Nuno Costa (23 years old)

Hello, I’m Nuno!
I’ve been learning English at See Learning Center since I was 7. I’m now 22 and I’m a graduate in Psychology.

The teachers and methodologies are interesting and stimulating. Our individual needs are always taken into account.

Although we attend a class, we learn at our own pace to achieve our goals. We also have the opportunity to attend international English courses abroad – fun & learning awaits you

Ikumi (23 years old, Japan)

I’ve attended a residential Summer Course and it certainly is the best way to improve your vocabulary, listening and speaking.

Erico (20 years old)

I’ve been studying here at See Learning Center for more than sixteen years and I must confess that this experience has been fantastic. All the experience I’ve achieved is interesting, creative and well organized. English classes have been very useful since I travel a lot and English is the world’s main language.One of the main objectives – to take the First Certificate in English – has been achieved. Now I’m looking forward to applying for the Proficiency in English.

One of the most thrilling and wonderful opportunities you have is to take an English course in a foreign country like England and Canada .The joy of meeting new people and knowing the sights and sounds of a new country is very exciting and improves the spoken English and conversation. If you are thinking of applying for an English course at See Learning Center don’t think twice … you’ve found the right place to learn English!

Catarina Raposo (23 years old)

One-to-one lessons are an ideal solution for those students who want to prepare themselves for an exam. I really benefited and made it to University!

Yumiko Isuka (22 years old, Japan)

See Learning Center is a nice and hospitable place to be. Teachers make studying as interesting as possible. I felt at home!

Bruno Monteiro (20 years old)

I am studying at See Learning Center . Teachers not only teach you but also teach you to have a good study habit, which will lead to rapid progress in the future.

Elizabete Esteves (23 years old)

The two weeks I spent at a residential Summer Course in London ( The Ardmore Language Schools) were one of the most fantastic experiences of my life.

Thanks to See Learning Center I had the opportunity to know new cultures, meet new people and improve my English.