SEE Learning Center


English Club

Designed to make learning English fun, the English Course gives you the opportunity to learn English quickly while enjoying yourself.

You will learn English as you learned your mother tongue. Take advantage of the most challenging and interesting materials! Our English teachers are all native and highly qualified.

Find out for yourself that English is fun!


Improve your musical talents!

At See Learning Center you can choose from a wide range of instruments: pan flute, guitar, organ… Instrument lessons are combined with specialized theoretical lessons, according to your needs.

Children/Teenagers are also welcome to the music lessons, where they can develop their music skills, being able to discover their early talents easily.

Music courses generally consist of 1 or 2 hours per week

Computers – IT

Get into the technological World! At See Learning Center you have the opportunity to involve yourself in every kind of software – from the basic one, useful in our daily routine, to the most complex – according to your needs. Learn with technology! Take advantage of personalized lessons with highly specialized and experienced teachers. See Learning Center offers a set of technological solutions for the needs of students of all ages and improvement of their performance.

Give your child/teenager the opportunity to familiarize themselves with didactic software, useful in their school life, in lessons which combine learning with fun!

IT lessons generally consist of 2 hours per week.


Wake up your senses, self-confidence and creativity having dance classes at See Learning Center ! Dance helps in your relationship with space and time, calling out your body’s internal movement and exploring the external movement.

The dance classes focus on the passage from the search for movement to the dance performance, through the most diverse styles. Explore the language built on notions of center, axis, imbalance, gravity, continuity and lightness.

The See Learning Center Dance classes provide complementary skills for those who are already experienced

Dance classes generally consist of 2 hours per week.

At See Learning Center dance teachers are qualified and experienced.

Arts Room

Discover your artistic talent! This course is perfect for those with experience in painting and those who are just beginning.

Learn to capture the beauty and express your imagination by the most complex techniques of painting. Paint with oils, watercolours, pastels, pen and ink or whatever medium you prefer.

Try different materials such as glass and tiles and create art for your own satisfaction or sell your artwork. Take the opportunity to learn details on colour theory, portraits, watercolours and much more. Have fun with See Learning Center Painting!

Art Room classes generally consist of 2 hours per week.

At See Learning Center Arts Room teachers are qualified and experienced.