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Education Online

The Web School is an online school where you can practise all levels and aspects of English. Both you and your teacher can record and check your progress online.
Participate in your class activities from any location in the world!
You can quickly access your course material online, learn at your own pace, and choose your own method of learning.
Work online or print out the course materials and start on a new educational experience.

E-See Learning is the best complement for your English course in the Center!

I improve my English fluency by attending English speaking lessons. Programmes designed according to your needs lead to a faster progress. Through online lessons, at home or on the road, I can follow my course and still go wherever I need to. I would recommend online lessons as they are a very good opportunity to the many business women and mothers.
Aslıhan Kerimoğlu, Vodafone Turkey, Safety Specialist, Senior Engineer
Spanish classes are very successful. The best thing is that I can have my private lesson anywhere I want to. I do not have to stay home, I can even save time by having my class at Istanbul’s traffic. An internet connection is all you need to take advantage of this excellent education. Lessons with the teacher go very smoothly, I recommend it to anyone!
Merve Celik, Sanofi-Aventis Turkey, Safety Specialist, Senior Engineer
Taking a course online is a great advantage, in the way that you can keep any special events you had planned you want. As far as the teaching methods are concerned, they allow you to get a very good practice. I highly recommend it!
Dr. Yurdaer Ozcan, Bayrampaşa Social Security Hospital, Internal Medicine Doctor