SEE Learning Center

SEE Learning Center Method

The See Learning Center Method is a different kind of after-school learning program designed to help students master the basics of each subject. It consists of the occupation of the student’s time after-school, during which the student has the opportunity to do homework, attend tutorial lessons and have fun in educational optional activities, all in an organized way.

At See Learning Center the students are given skills and confidence to succeed in school. and beyond.

This method allows students to progress at their own pace, improve concentration and study habits and develop self-confidence.

This method also caters for all students working ahead of their school grade level. Many of our students are at See Learning Center to remain above grade level and gain the benefits from challenging material in pursuit of their academic aspirations.

At See Learning Center students are stimulated to go forward!

Extra-Curricular Activities

•  English Courses •  Music •  Pan Flute •  Guitar •  Organ •  Violin •  Dance •  Informatics •  Arts Room