SEE Learning Portuguese (PLE)


What make See Learning Center special?

Small class size! The average class size is 6 students and maximum size is 8 students. Each student receives personal attention from our teachers.

How many Portuguese teaching levels are there?

There are 6 levels, starting from beginner to advanced.

Where is See Learning Center located?

Less than 1 minute walk from Alfornelos Metro station (subway). Alfornelos is a friendly and calm neighbourhood right on the outskirts of Lisbon. Follow the Metro (Subway) blue line to Alfornelos directly from downtown (Baixa Chiado).

When can I start classes?

Classes start every Monday (except when a holiday falls on a Monday).

How can I apply?

1 – Fill the Application form and pay the application fee.
2 – A letter of confirmation is sent with statement of fees which should be settled at least 4 weeks before the programme starting date. (Students will not be allowed to start unless FULL PAYMENT has been received).
3 – It’s advisable to book at least one month before the programme start date.

Do i need a visa?

Students from EU member countries do not need a visa to Portugal. Students from non-EU countries should check with their nearest embassy or consulate as a Study Visa may be required. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have the correct visa status to study in Portugal. See Learning Center will provide students with the necessary Letter of Acceptance needed for visa approval.

What happens if my visa application is rejected?

Simply send the original rejection letter from the Portuguese Embassy to See Learning Center, along with the original copy of your Letter of Acceptance. We will fully refund all payments if the cancellation is more than 14 days before the programme starting date. If the cancellation is less than 14 days before the programme starting date, there will be cancellation fee.

What’s the most important rule at See Learning Center?

We do not allow students to speak other languages at any time during, between, or after classes while at the centre, or during a trip or activity. On their first day of school, All students sign a contract agreeing only to speak the language that they are studying.

What is the best type of accommodation?

– Most students choose to live with a host family. Homestay is the best choice:
– By practicing with the host family students will learn Portuguese more quickly.
– It is much cheaper & safer – Students can learn much more about Portugal and the Portuguese culture.

How long will it take for me to learn Portuguese?

Every student is different. Some students learn very quickly, while others take longer to learn. If you want to make a noticeable improvement in your language level, you should study at least 3 months. The average length of study for See Learning Center students is between 3 to 6 months.

Will I get a certificate?

Students are expected to attend all classes and be on time. Teachers may refuse entrance to a student who arrives 10 minutes after the start of the class. Students must attend at least 85% of their classes to receive a certificate. Students intending to be absent from class or in the case of illness, must immediately contact the school by telephone.

Do I need medical insurance?

Yes. Students are not insured by See Learning Center or homestay against illness, theft or loss of personal belongings and the school accepts no responsibility in the event of similar situations. Students travelling from EU countries should bring their European Health Insurance card with them and students from non-EU countries must organise medical insurance. Students will be liable for the full costs of any medical treatment they receive in Portugal. Students must provide proof of coverage on the first day of school or they will be required to purchase it.

Can I switch between programmes?

Students may transfer to another programme provided there is availability. Students who choose to exchange their original choice of program for one of greater value must pay the difference between the two at the time of requesting the upgrade.

Is it possible to have special dietary requirements?

Some of our students have special dietary requirements. In these cases See Learning Center must impose a surcharge whenever the host family needs to purchase additional or special foodstuffs.

What are the cancellation conditions once the program has started?

A cancellation fee up to 1 week’s programme fees may be charged. The remaining funds will be refunded. No fees will be transferred to another student in lieu of a refund. If a student wishes to be absent from the programme for 1 or 2 weeks for the purposes of holidays, he must give at least 2 weeks’ notice in writing. Students will have this time deferred to the end of their programme. An administrative fee is charged for all programme changes.