SEE Learning Portuguese (PLE)

Portuguese is a very old Romance Language, derived from Latin, but with many influences from other cultures. Due to the Moorish occupation of the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages and the participation of Portugal in the Age of Discovery, it has acquired words from many languages in the world, making of it a unique language.

It is the 6th most spoken language in the World, it is an official language in 10 countries, and it is spread through many more countries where it either influenced the local language or is spoken by Portuguese communities.

Take advantage of See Learning Center Portuguese Courses in Portugal and learn one of the most fascinating languages while exploring, meeting and living in the Portuguese community!

Adult Courses:


• Age: +18 years old
• Number of students: max 8 students per class
• Levels: beginners to advanced
• Activity programme
• Computer room: free internet access
• Accommodation: Host Family or Hotel
• Courses:
– See General Portuguese Course
– See Intensive Portuguese Course
– See One-to-one Portuguese Course
– See Business Portuguese Course
– See 50+ Portuguese Course

See General Portuguese Course (15 lessons per week)

Consisting of 3 lessons per day, the See General Portuguese Course gives you enough time to discover the city of Lisbon and surroundings. Each level comprises 4 weeks. Each class has a maximum of 8 students to provide individualised attention and teaching.

Combine your Portuguese Course with an amazing sightseeing programme and make the most of your stay in Portugal! Available all year around.

See Intensive Portuguese Course (25 lessons per week)

If your objective is to learn as much Portuguese as possible during your stay, the See Intensive Portuguese Course is ideal for you.

Consisting of 25 hours per week, this course combines the General Portuguese Course with 2 extra hours per day, allowing you to learn more and still have free time to explore Portugal. Each class has a maximum of 8 students to provide individualised attention and teaching.

Available only from June to September.

See One-To-One Courses (as many hours as you wish: 5 to 40 hours per week)

The See One-To-One Courses mean learning Portuguese quickly and intensively, according to your own pace and personal requirements. Individual tuition allows tailor-made classes for your job, studies, culture or curiosity – your needs are the teacher’s priority. You are invited to bring your own materials if you wish to discuss it. Have as many one-to-one lessons as you wish and start whenever you want!

Combine a See General Portuguese Course with a See One-To-One Course
and see your Portuguese develop! Available all year around.

See Business Portuguese Course

If you wish to improve your Portuguese skills within a specific area See Business Portuguese Course is the right opportunity for you. This Course improves the student’s vocabulary focusing on spoken and written language practice. Whatever your area of specialization – medicine, managing, tourism industry, engineering, nursing, law, insurance, computer science, science, translation or interpreting, teaching… – See Learning Center has intensive tailor-made courses for you. Lessons can be individual, in small groups or combined, according to your needs and availability.
See Teachers’ Training Course

This course is specially designed for native and non-native teachers of Portuguese as a Foreign Language in or outside Portugal.

The Course involves practical work, communicative activities, demonstrations, reflection and discussions.

Practical skills and techniques are presented leading to an enjoyable complete learning experience which enables you to evaluate, discuss, practice and apply them straight away in real situations.

You can also enjoy a social programme of evening activities and half day and full day excursions at weekends enabling you to make the most of your stay with us.
It is a 2-week course, consisting of 60 hours organized upon request for a minimum of 4 students. Available once a year.

See Light Portuguese Course (2 lessons per week)

This course is specially designed for students who study or work, but want to learn or practise their Portuguese on a regular basis. Choose the most convenient time schedule and improve your language skills – communication skills, reading & writing grammar,listening & speaking, vocabulary building.

See Flex Class (NEW!)

Flex class allows you to choose your timetable and switch it if necessary in order not to miss classes – morning, afternoon or

The course can be interrupted and continued later on. Tailormade courses for each group – specific needs!

If you want to speak Portuguese from Day 1, book with SEE LEARNING CENTER!

See Portuguese +

See One-To-One classes are offered at the Centre, student’s workplace, student’s home or at a location chosen by the student.

The number of lessons and timetable may vary according to the student’s needs.

See Portuguese special Braille (2 lessons per week)

Blind and partially sighted students need special attention and integration with regular groups.

See Learning Center offers the opportunity for the students to make new friends and develop social skills, while learning the Portuguese language.

Chat club (10 lessons per week)

Learn the essential skills to communicate in everyday situations – conversation skills, pronunciation classes and chat club.

Maximize your practice with oral communication and improve your overall speaking confidence.

The club comprises 10 lessons per week. Maximum 8 students per class.


The See General Portuguese Courses comprises 6 levels of 60 hours each:



See Attendance Certificate: For all students who attend a See Course.

See Certificate: For students approved by a level final exam. Portuguese as a

Foreign Language Exams: Organized and provided by Univerity of Lisbon in specific dates.

Five levels available: CIPLE, CEPLE, DIPLE, DAPLE, DUPLE.


Speaking Portuguese changed my life – fulfilment, leadership, career
attitude, success, personal, social and professional growth and
opportunity. We all dream of a better life!

Andrea (Italian)

Hi! We are Stefano and Elisabetta, an italian couple. We would like to work as
nurses in Angola, but we did not know how to speak Portuguese. So we thought: “what can we do?” “Lets go to Lisbon, the light city, where the silver hearth river flows.” We have a friend in Lisbon, who lives in Alfornelos. It is a popular part of the city, but also calm and very well connected by transports and services: it has metro, bus, bank, post office, supermarket…

Our friend found a language school: See Learning Center!

We had a very well prepared teacher, who managed to teach us the Portuguese language, mixing grammar classes and transmitting the passion for fado and other music, advising films and books, walking through the city to find places and taste the Portuguese cuisine. We explored Lisbon day-by-day, which received us in its streets, with its perfumes. We could see the Tagus while drinking a bica or galão or perhaps an imperial.

Activities & Excursions Programme

Students can make the most of their free time by taking advantage of See Learning Center’s Activities & Excursions Programme.

See the colourful downtown area of Lisbon, explore the shops in Rua Augusta, visit the ancient monuments from the Discoveries’ time, relax at Parque das Nações and be amazed by Portuguese History at
the museums.