SEE Learning Portuguese (PLE)


Share life with a carefully selected local family and fully immerse yourself in the Portuguese culture – a home away from home. All families are controlled and monitored, and they all provide a warm and caring home from home, providing the student with the opportunity to improve their Portuguese language in a traditional environment. Students have the option between a single or twin bedroom and they will be the only native speaker of their language(s) at home unless requested otherwise.

The host family will never be more than 20 minutes away from the school, being easily reached on foot or by public transport.

Host families are mainly located in See Learning Center’s area, Alfornelos.
Alfornelos is located on the boundary between Amadora and Lisbon. This residential area appeared a century ago, replacing the former farms by buildings.

It was this rural origin that gave the name to the town:

Al-Forner is the Arabic word for baker. In the beginning it belonged to Lisbon municipality, as it was integrated in Benfica’s parish. Nowadays it belongs to the Amadora city. Although

it is the second smallest of Amadora’s parishes, 14305 people live in Alfornelos and it is one of the youngest populations of the city area.

Host families may also be located in nearby areas, such as Benfica or Pontinha.

If you prefer not to stay with a host family, Hotel accommodation can be arranged.