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Explore Russia and encounter with an undiscovered land.

Russia is the biggest country in the world. Starting in Europe and spreading to the Eastern tip of Asia, Russia has the potential to be one of the key countries in the world.

Russian language has been assuming a growing importance, not only because of it’s 150 million native speakers, but also due to it’s emerging status as a “língua franca”. In fact, Russian language is now widely used in business between Europe, Asia and the former Soviet Republics.

Just as Russia’s vast, exciting and rich cultural heritage has once more come to life, its natural heritage is also a new country waiting to be discovered.
A nation of enormous diversity and tremendous vitality awaits you.

The Russian Capital, Moscow, touches each continent, but at the same time it stands as a city with a strong personality. Famous for its architecture, Moscow is proud of its famous monuments like the Kremlin, the Red Square and the luxurious Bolshoi Theatre.

Even if you don’t have previous knowledge in Russian, our learning centre provides initial diagnostic and evaluation exams that will define your priorities. We are located in the centre of Moscow, just two stops away from the Red Square. The accommodation will always be very near to the school and the students can choose between a host family, a hotel or apartment.

St. Petersburg
Standing between Europe and Asia, St. Petersburg has had many names and today it is one of the cities that. Founded by Tsar Peter, the Great, St. Petersburg was the capital of the Russian Empire for more then 200 years. Today, the city is seen as the largest in northern Europe and one of the biggest cultural centers in the world.
The luxurious remains of the former Russian Empire are very visible at St. Petersburg, especially in the historic centre of town, which the UNESCO has classified as world heritage. The “Window on Europe” is also known for its exciting nightlife, especially during the famous “White Nights” when both the sun and the city keep on shining for 24 hours.


  • Russian for expats – thought for business executives living or planning to live in Russia. This course is available with a very flexible schedule.
  • Corporate Courses – Tailor-made language training for employees in-house, their home or at our own centre.
  • Romanoff Course – Four additional lessons per week with a teacher on a one-to-one basis.
  • Individual Course – The student and teacher work together to build a study plan. Varying degrees of intensity: 15, 20, 24, 30, 40 lessons per week. For 24 lessons or more the student is taught by a team of two teachers.
  • TRKI exam Course – Endorsed by the Russian Federal Ministry of Education.
  • Executive Courses
  • Russian Culture Courses – Combination of a trip to Moscow with a “survival” course or more in Russian. Will allow you to better appreciate the many sights and attractions that Moscow has to offer. Excursions of your choice in the afternoon as well as on Friday.
  • Individual Business Russian:
  1. Presenting reports
  2. Leading meetings
  3. Listening skills
  4. Negotiating
  5. General fluency
  • Conversational Russian Courses – Classes are taught in a lively and fun way. Special emphasis is put on everyday situations and vocabulary.
  • Internship Programmes – Available in every professional areas. The Internship Programme includes a minimum 4 week Intensive Russian Course and a minimum 4 week Internship Programme.

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